pd image samll    DH2F(SKD61 Prehardened (40HRC) Free Machining Steel)

 Prehardened at 37-41HRC. Ready To Be Machined Into Dies & Parts.

 Excellent Machinability & Grindability Raise Productivity.

 Excellent Heatcheck resistance & Errosion Resistance.

 Surface Treating Gives DH2F Enhanced Abrasion & Corrosion Resistance.

★ Shortened Die Making Period and Better Cost Performance.

★ DPT Inventory Size

Flat Bars      T:~290mm    W:~540mm

Round Bars  D:10~80mm


 pd image samll   DH31S/ES(High-End Hot Work Die Steel)

 Best Softening Resistance (SKD7 Series Equiv.) & Heatcheck Resistance.

★ Large Size Dies Can Be Hardened Properly Witout Toughness Deterioration.

★ Best Erosion Resistance Against Molten Metal.

★ Good Machinability.

★ DPT Inventory Size

 Flat Bars      T:~365mm    W:~730mm

 Round Bars  D:55~130mm


pd image samll   DHA-WORLD (High Reliability General Use Hot Work Die Steel)

 Greater Hardenability Than That Of SKD61 (H13).

★ The Risk Of Deep Crack Is Reduced..

★ Toughness Uniformity Due To Optimization Of Chemical Composition.

★ Physical Properties Perform Nearly Equal To That of Special Melting (ESR) Process 

★ Low Distortion Property Enables Easy Dimention Control After Heat Treatment.

★ DPT Inventory Size

Flat Bars      T:~370mm    W:~710mm

Round Bars  D:162~251mm

DHA1(SKD61 Equivalent)

pd image samll   DHA1(SKD61 Equivalent)

★ Excellent Erosion Resistance Against Molten Metal.

★ Excellent Softening Resistance Under High Temperature.

★ Finely Distributed Spherical Carbides.

★ Excellent Heat Impact & Fatigue Resistance.

★ DPT Inventory Size

Flat Bars      T:~350mm    W:~745mm

Round Bars  D:13~302mm


pd image samll  GFA(SKT4 Modefied)

★ Excellent Impact & Heatcheck Resistance.

★ Non-metal intervening matters reduced with special refining & degassing process.

★ Dense Microstructure even in the Centrosphere.

★ DPT Inventory Size 

 Flat Bars      T:~400mm    W:~600mm

 Round Bars  D:205~255mm


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